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TTouch Harness

TTouch Harness

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These harnesses are manufactured in the UK and are made from colour-fast nylon webbing.

The fasteners on both sides of the neck and either side of the barrel enable you to put the harness on your dog without having to put it on or pull it off over your dog's head, or lift a leg. The fasteners are shaped to fit the contours of your dog's body making them more comfortable than a standard flat plastic clip.

If you would prefer purple, green or navy please contact us and we shall see if we can get your colour choice in for you. 


Extra Small
Neck 27cm - 33cm Body Piece 34cm - 48cm ---- small and toy dogs

Neck 33cm - 43cm Body Piece 38cm - 54cm ---- small Terriers

Neck 40cm - 60cm Body Piece 48cm - 71cm --- larger Terriers, compact Staffordshire Bull Terriers

Medium x-back piece
Neck 40cm - 60cm Body Piece 48cm - 71cm --- young Labradors, young Pointers, Springer Spaniels, Staffordshire Bull Terriers etc.

Medium S/N
Neck 36cm - 50cm Body Piece 48cm - 71cm --- Small Spaniels, small Collies and terriers with finer necks

Medium smaller neck x-back piece
Neck 36cm - 50cm Body Piece 48cm - 71cm --- small Beagles, some Spaniels, small Sighthounds, small Staffordshire Bull Terriers etc.

Neck 50cm - 70cm Body Piece 63cm - 99cm --- Staffordshire Bull Terriers, EBTs, Springers, Labradors, Pointers, Greyhounds

Large x-back piece
Neck 50cm - 70cm Body Piece 63cm - 99cm --- Labradors, Pointers, Greyhounds

Neck 57cm - 87cm Body Piece 63cm - 99cm Maremmas, Burnese Mountain Dogs

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