Dog Training & Behaviour Change

Pet Dog | Scent Detection | Aggressive Dog

Fear & Pain Dog Free Training

Getting you and your dog working together as a team, building bonds and having fun

Practical Training

We train you, the human, to train your dog.  By building a bond and working together as a team communication will increase and progress can be made

Specialist Areas

We specialise in teaching scent detection and pet dog life skills as well as dealing with problem behaviours such as resource guarding and aggression in dogs

Our Methods

Fully pain and fear free, we work by motivating your dog to offer the behaviour your desire so that they are happy to do so

Online Courses

We offer online training courses as an alternative to our in person classes and 1:1's


Classes are available for scent detection and pet dog life skills

One to one training

1:1's are available to work on any specific training areas you require

Behaviour Change

Concentrating on specific behaviour adjustment training
The Nose Knows!

Scent Detection 

Our dogs are born to use their noses.  It really is incredible that our dogs can be used to detect sickness, find explosives and track humans in danger 

Getting our dogs to use their noses can aid behaviour change by keeping them calmer, building confidence and much more

Our online courses

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