Things Are Changing

Things Are Changing

Oh My Goodness, we have some changes going on at the moment.


New Systems

Recently we have changed our booking system to a much simpler way of booking: 

We are in the middle of moving to a new online training platform, if you go to your old links and can't find the courses you expected to see please message and we shall ensure you get access to the through our new system, again, this is a much simpler platform so should see greater use and it has a community where you can ask questions and generally chat in a safe space. :-)



We have opened up more spaces for 1:1's than ever before and are now offering home visits too.  However, we still recommend the training ground for certain training. 


Scent Detection

We have a day over at Blue Bear Animal Rehabilitation in Copford on 30th July where we will be offering a day full of scent.   The morning has 2 sessions for those already on either gun oil or clove and the afternoon sees a workshop for beginners.  We are also offering new beginners drop-in classes for scent detection and we will soon be offering Nosework Games and NNA foundation and pre-foundation trials.   


Mantrailing.....  Watch This Space!


If you want to find out more get in touch.  :-)


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