One to One Dog Training

Looking to work on a one to one basis? This can be arranged.  All initial consultations are held at our training ground in Abberton

General Training

We offer one-to-one training where we can help with many different training requirements including walking nicely on a lead, coming when called, learning how to be calm, toilet training and much more

All sessions last up to an hour
We train come rain or shine
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Scent Detection Training

We can offer all our scent detection training on a 1:1 basis allowing you to learn at your dogs own pace without the waiting around whilst others learn.  

An initial session is up to 45 minutes and all follow-on sessions are up to 30 minutes

Behaviour Change 

If you are having behaviour problems with your dog we can work on a 1:1 basis with you.  

We are able to work with you on dog to dog reactivity, confidence building, handling issues, resource guarding and much more if you are not sure if we can help feel free to give us a call. 
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