Dog Training Classes

Teaching you the skills you need to train your dog in a class environment.  We build your skills week on week wo that you can easily implement the training into every day life.

Pet dog classes

Obedience and life skills for every pet dog.  We teach you how to get your dogs to sit, down, stand, come when called, walk nicely on the lead, drop, leave it and much much more in our pet dog classes. 

Available in 6 week blocks with a free online 6 week course included so should you miss a week you will still be able to learn and practice so don't have to miss out on the learning. 

Classes are available on a Wednesday & Saturday morning and are held at our training ground in Abberton, near Colchester in Essex.
We train come rain or shine
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Scent Detection Classes

Our dogs naturally use their noses in day to day life, in fact the nose is a critical part of everything they do.  We can use that nose to get them searching for certain scents and telling us when they have found it.  Just think about the drugs detection dogs used by the police, this course teaches you how to get your dogs to do that but on different scents. 

The benefits of scent detection are that it is
- something that any dog at any age or fitness level can do
- is really healthy for their brain as it gets them working and thinking
- it tiers them out so they can settle and rest much easier
- it helps build confidence and can help with many behaviour issues

Classes available in 6 week blocks held on Sundays at our training ground in Abberton, near Colchester in Essex.
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