Train without fear or pain

Our mission is to help you work with your dog in a pain and fear free manner, building bonds, increasing communication and building a strong team
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Building Bonds 


An essential part of your relationship with you dog


This is key to help work as a team

Team Work

The more you work with your dog the easier working together becomes


Hear to help through every stage of your dogs life puppy to old


Fully Qualified and Always Learning

Institute of Modern Dog Trainers

Fear Free Certified

World Scent Dog Association

Meet The Team

Fiona & Mark Fowler work together running Mersea Mutts to offer you the best possible experience whilst training with us. 

Fiona Fowler is a fully qualified dog trainer who always strives to learn more, accredited with the above mentioned associations, Fiona is also currently studying towards her level 5 diploma in canine behaviour and regularly attending webinars, conferences and seminar to ensure she keeps up to date with the current research in canine training and behaviour. 

Mark Fowler has a background in operations and client relationship management so Mark is your go to man with any questions you may have, bookings and general information.

The only other team members are our 3 dogs.  Millie, Flo and Saff are here to help with videos, socialisation and generally keeping us in check.

Meet Beatriz

Meet Viktor

Meet Alysia

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